D’BAR is made for the special purpose of a friends & family hangout and for creative people with creative minds to express themselves freely.

D’BAR is made to enjoy local cuisines and fashionable drinks. The vibe gives you a peace of mind in an environment that is relaxing. People from all nations and cultures can come together and enjoy the variations of wood that Suriname has to offer. D’BAR is made out of the creative ideas picked up all over the world. Every aspect of this bar is created and applied by hand and by a creative team that is selected locally and internationally with the help of local companies.

Supporting companies:

Doerga & Sons, Jumbo International, Dansclub DanzSon, Samba Furniture, Klipper Vastgoed N.V.

Especially supported by:

Faro Houten Furniture led by Pepi, DJ Chuckie & Dax Fong.